Long Beach Maps and Orientation

(Long Beach, California - CA, USA)

Located on the far southern side of California's lengthy coastline and roughly 25 miles / 40 km to the south of Los Angeles, the city of Long Beach fronts the Pacific Ocean. Currently featuring a population fast approaching half a million residents, this is the second-biggest city belonging to the Greater Los Angeles Area, as well as being the seventh-biggest in the whole state of California.

Geographically sitting on the eastern side of the Palos Veres Peninsula, Long Beach serves as a hugely important maritime center for southwestern USA, being one of the busiest and largest of all the shipping ports on the planet. The downtown district of the city is amongst the most important neighborhoods and full of interest for tourists.

Whilst Long Beach comprises just under 60 different neighborhoods and districts, many of these are not officially recognised by maps, with some simply gaining their name from a prominent thoroughfare within their boundaries. Others are named after schools or parks within close proximity.

Maps and Orientation of the City

Within Downtown Long Beach, the city's heart, are many of the principal hotels and restaurants, catering for the steady influx of convention-goers. The boundaries of the downtown district are defined by the westerly Los Angeles River and the southerly Pacific Ocean, as well as 7th Street (north) and Alamitos Avenue. The Aquarium of the Pacific is amongst the biggest attractions here, along with the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, the Museum of Latin American Art and the RMS Queen Mary.

Other notable neighbourhoods within Long Beach include those of Alamitos Beach, Alamitos Heights, Belmont Heights, Belmont Shore, Carroll Park, East Village, Eastside, El Dorado Park, Lakewood Village, Los Altos, Los Cerritos, Naples and West Long Beach.

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