Long Beach Landmarks and Monuments

(Long Beach, California - CA, USA)

The sizeable port city of Long Beach was officially incorporated in the year 1897 and comes with a number of impressive landmarks, which date from the early years of the 19th century to the more recent New Millennium.

Amongst the oldest and most notable buildings still standing in Long Beach today is the northerly Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site, which is also known as the Los Cerritos Ranch House and was constructed on Virginia Road in 1844, within the neighborhood of Bixby Knolls and next to the Virginia Country Club. Upon its completion, the ranch was the biggest adobe residence ever built in South California, becoming an important National Historic Landmark many years later, in 1970.

Located on the eastern outskirts of Long Beach and within close proximity to the Bixby Village Golf Course, the Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch stands just off East Bixby Hill Road and is believed to have its roots at the beginning of the 1800s. Today, guided tours lead visitors around this Spanish-Colonial property and its landscaped gardens, as well as its well-preserved agricultural structures and outbuildings, which include a fully operational blacksmith.

Long Beach is also called home by some very unusual and unique sights, such as the rather aptly named Skinny House on Gladys Avenue, which now appears in the Guinness Book of World Records as being America's thinnest house, since it measures a mere 3 meters / 10 feet wide from the outside. The Skinny House became a registered city landmark in 1983 and was once used as the premises for a local law practice for William John Cox, although now it is a 'quirky' private family residence.

Built between the years 1992 and 1994, the gleaming blue Walter Pyramid was previously named the Long Beach Pyramid and is a truly breathtaking modernist structure. This enormous pyramid actually houses a spacious multi-purpose stadium, which is capable of accommodating seated audiences of 5,000 people.

California State University Long Beach (CSULB)

Address: 1250 Bellflower Boulevard, Long Beach, California (CA), 90840, USA
Tel: +1 562 985 4111

DeVry University

Address: 3880 Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, California (CA), 90806, USA
Tel: +1 562 997 5300

Long Beach City College (LBCC)

Tel: +1 562 938 4111
Liberal Arts Campus
Address: 4901 East Carson Street, Long Beach, California (CA), 90808, USA
Pacific Coast Campus
Address: 1305 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, California (CA), 90806, USA

Naples Island

Address: Naples Island, Long Beach, USA

Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch

Address: 6400 East Bixby Hill Road, Long Beach, California (CA), 90815, USA
Tel: +1 562 431 3541

Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site

Address: 4600 Virginia Road, Long Beach, California (CA), 90807, USA
Tel: +1 562 570 1755

Skinny House

Address: 708 Gladys Avenue, Long Beach, California (CA), 90804, USA
Tel: private residence

Walter Pyramid

Address: California State University, 1250 North Bellflower Boulevard, Long Beach, California (CA), 90840, USA
Tel: +1 562 985 4111