Guadalajara Events and Festivals

(Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

Picture of dancers performing to onlookersThere are things to do in Guadalajara the year round, with many events, festivals and activities each month. An exhaustive listing of events and entertainment can be found each Friday within the city's main Spanish-language newspaper, the Público.

Further information about local events and annual Mexican festivals is often listed in the regional Guadalajara Reporter newspaper, and also in the Guadalajara Weekly newsletter, which is available free of charge from the city's tourist office and also at some hotels.

Guadalajara Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • Three Kings Day - early January, this is related to the Christmas festivities and a time for gifts. The official day for giving and receiving gifts in January 6th, the 'Dia de los Santos Reyes'


  • Aniversario de la Ciudad (Anniversary of the City) - February 14th, a number of festivities commemorate the founding of Guadalajara in the middle of the 17th century. Open-air concerts, live music and a marathon race are just some of the attractions on offer around the central plazas and also the university campus


  • Feria de Tonala - late March / early April, yearly handicrafts located within the Tonala area where you will find a wealth of local pottery and ceramics, held both before and after the Semana Santa celebrations


  • There are no significant events in Guadalajara during the month of April


  • Dia del Trabajo (Labour Day) - May 1st, a national holiday in Mexico and day of celebration
  • Cinco de Mayo - May 5th, the official anniversary of the country's victory over the French at Puebla


  • Fiestas de Tlaquepaque - mid-June to early July, an annual fair drawing large crowds and featuring a range of locally produced arts and crafts, many of which make great souvenirs and unusual gifts


  • Intermoda - mid-July, a major fashion event held every other year at the Expo Guadalajara venue, Latin American's biggest exposition centre of its kind. Expect to see fashion shows, beautiful models wearing the latest designs and trade stalls offering discounted accessories


  • Mexico es el Mariachi / Fiesta Internacional del Mariachi (International Mariachi Fair) - late August / September, a popular annual festival, with a series of events taking place all around downtown Guadalajara, including live music, open-air concerts and dancing, based around a number of central squares and other venues


  • Independence Day - September 16th, national holiday in Mexico and a day of much celebration around the city, where parties, fireworks and parades can all be expected and enjoyed


  • Maraton Internacional de Guadalajara (Marathon) - mid-October, the city's official marathon commemorates the founding of Guadalajara and draws crowds of both runners and spectators. The marathon begins at the cathedral and passes many prominent sights along the way, finally ending up at the City Hall
  • Romeria de la Virgen de Zapopan - mid-October, Guadalajara's much-loved patron saint, the Virgin of Zapopan, is remembered on this special day, which culminates in a parade attracting crowds of literally thousands
  • Fiestas de Octubre (October Festival) - throughout October, lasting the whole month, Guadalajara's famous October Festival is not to be missed and without doubt the true highlight of the city's events calendar. The festival features live music, plenty of dancing, endless food, exhibitions of art works, carnivals, markets with over 700 vendors, street entertainment and a number of free events. Much of the Guadalajara October Festival is based around the Benito Juarez Auditorium (Auditorio Benito Juarez)


  • Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara (International Book Fair) - late November / early December, this major book fair takes place each year at the Expo Guadalajara and lasts about two weeks, attracting many important publishers from around the world. Awards ceremonies, exhibitions, concerts and trade fairs are just some of the highlights


  • New Year's Eve Celebration - December 31st, the end of the year sees great excitement in central Guadalajara, and people gather around the plazas and enjoy the live music, street entertainment and midnight fireworks. This is a friendly event where all are welcome to join in the fun and party hard at the city's nightclubs, well into the early hours of the morning