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Nice to Look, but a Little Bore
Not many things going on, but a good city to know the culture. It is more wealthy here, so you can see a different side. Good food.
Posted on 26/12/2012 by Yago Sofia

South America's Oil Capital
First of all, we loved the people in Venezuela. They were very friendly to us though it did help that we spoke some Spanish. Not being a major tourist city, Maracaibo was a joy to explore with all the traps and hassles. We only had one major disappointment which was that we thought doing research that it would have a beach, but most of the coastline was occupied by oil barges and what seem like ongoing construction projects. Still, it was a good place to get a different point of view and some much needed rest for more hectic locations.
Posted on 17/5/2012 by Winnie Foster

Upscale Backpacking
I was more than surprised to hear that Maracaibo was the second largest city in Venezuela. It still has a laid-back feel to it though amidst towering sky-scrapers. Hostels are not so easy to find, but some people I met early in my journey recommended couch surfing to help find new joints.
Posted on 22/11/2010 by Richard Barty

Excellent Day Excursions and Comfortable Homebase
Not very many sites, but what I did see was nice. There are actually some decent tours that start off in Maracaibo and leave the city for a day or few. I preferred to use Maracaibo as a base to do other excursions because when I came home at night I would have hot water and working electricity - the place is more upscale and modern than much of Venezuela.
Posted on 28/10/2009 by Olivia Raster

Re. Nighttime is Better
What did you think about the city at night I terms of safety? Is it dangerous?
Posted on 25/1/2009 by Oscar Washingstone

Nighttime is Better
There is not much to do in Maracaibo, but some little sight seeing. The most fun we had was exploring the city at night meeting people and speaking the local language to get to know the locals and have a drink the old men that play card games outside our hotel.
Posted on 24/1/2009 by Sergio Jimenez