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Re. Some of the finest colonial architecture in Venezuela
Those who enjoyed the nature side of this attraction may also like the tended gardens at the Centro de Arte La Estancia.
Posted on 30/6/2011 by Luis

Re. Lovely views of the capital
Personally I thought that the best views were from Galipan, which is a small town that is around 30 minutes walking from El Avila.
Posted on 30/6/2011 by Paola

Some of the finest colonial architecture in Venezuela
Your urban worries will melt away at the Hacienda Florets, which has been around since the 17th century. The old building houses are a dream come true for photographers while nature lovers will adore the collections of plants and animals. Feels like a world away from the rest of Caracas but just four miles from the centre.
Posted on 14/2/2011 by Robert Green

Lovely views of the capital
The tram itself isn't much of an attraction but it goes on certain routes that truly give you the best views of Caracas that wouldn't be possible elsewhere around the city. It would be great to hear some suggestions on the best possible routes or where the best views can be had.
Posted on 30/8/2010 by Anthony Schafer

A modern marvel
When I heard that the university's building is a world heritage site, I was expecting something ancient. This is quite a new and impressive building though that has won its architect, Carlos Raul Villanueva, dozens of awards already. I would be so proud to study here if I was a student.
Posted on 12/9/2009 by A Leigh