Caracas Hotels and Accommodation

(Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela)

Choosing your accommodation in Caracas is rarely a pleasure. The hotels in the capital are amongst the country's most expensive and they are often fully booked during the week with business travellers. This steady high-occupancy rate encourages the hotels to publish shockingly inflated room rates. But fear not, if you request a special or corporate rate you are very likely to get it.

From Friday through Sunday the hotels in Caracas drastically cut their room rates, offering a brief financial respite for visitors. There are plenty of lodging options in the city, but almost nothing in the budget range. Caracas lacks the hostel or guest house scene of most other Latin American cities, so plan on spending more than you would like on your accommodation here.

Where to Stay

Caracas as a whole is a dangerous place to be at night. It is a good idea to choose a hotel in the part of the city where you plan to dine or drink. In general, the Sabana Grande district and the far eastern side of the capital are the safest places after dark, being well connected to the main attractions by metro trains during the day.

The Sabana Grande has a nice pedestrian promenade where you can dine and shop, and the nearby shopping malls such as El Recreo are completely safe. On the eastern side of Caracas, Altamira and Las Mercedes are good neighbourhoods with very decent accommodation, although the lodging options here are mostly upscale. Follow the advice of your hotel concierge when venturing around the city. The locals are just as likely to be robbed as tourists, so it pays to get the inside scoop.

There are some incredible hotels in Caracas if you don't mind spending. The Gran Melia Caracas is perhaps the finest address in the capital, despite the fact that it is located in a sketchy neighbourhood.

The Hotel Paseo Las Mercedes is another excellent choice for luxury accommodation, especially for its prime location in the heart of the trendy Las Mercedes dining and shopping district. Business travellers also prefer the JW Marriott for its reliable attention to service and cleanliness. If you are looking for something more boutique, The Hotel near the Plaza Altamira is a decidedly chic mid-size option.