Cusco Shopping and Districts

(Cusco / Cuzco, Peru)

Plaza de Armas pictureTourism is undeniably a big part of life in the Cusco of today, with its thriving infrastructure being well-supported by an array of shopping possibilities. Street sellers appear all over Cusco and their hard-sell shopping methods can prove a little wearing and so are best avoided, by simply saying 'No - gracias'.

As with most cities in Peru, Cusco features its fair share of markets, and these are great places for souvenir shopping. However, due to the large crowds, pick-pocketing at markets can be rife, and so visitors are strongly advised not to take any valuables and always be very aware of your belongings.

View of local shoppers

Where to Shop

The region spreading outwards around the Plaza San Blas has become known in Cusco as the artisan quarter and this part of the city is brimming with local galleries, workshops and crafts people.

Shopping is particularly good along the Cuesta San Blas and also the Hatunrumiyoc, as you approach the Plaza de Armas. It is always worth shopping around though, since both quality and price can be quite variable.

Photo of crowds in the city centreThe main markets in the city include the Mercado Central, which is conveniently close to the San Perdo station and a good place to purchase some fruit, clothing and cheap gifts. However, for souvenir shopping, the enormous Centro Artesanal Cusco market, is located on the corner of the Tullumayo and Avenida El Sol.

Alternatively, pay a visit to the nearby town of Pisco, just a 30-minute bus trip from Cusco, where a variety of alpaca woollen goods, Peruvian dolls and ceramics are sold at its Sunday market, close to Pisco's magnificent Inca ruins. In fact, the shopping scene in Pisco has gained such a reputation that buses touring the Sacred Valley often stop off here en route.