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Requires no introduction
No disrespect to the lovely people of Peru, but Macho Picchu was the main reason for me to visiting their homeland. It doesn't matter how much or little of this 45-mile-long hiking trail you complete as I guarantee that you are still going to be blown away at one point or another. Such amazing people they were, the Andeans.
Posted on 29/3/2012 by Ignatius Lorretti

Re. Before you tackle Machu Picchu
Couldn't agree more! I was most impressed by the churches. May I ask though, where are you from and how much did you pay?
Posted on 30/3/2011 by Allan Harvey

Before you tackle Machu Picchu
I'm not sure about you, but I felt that I needed to know more about the Inca and Andean history before even thinking about tackling Machu Picchu. Ok, so you don't need knowledge to hike, but it doesn't hurt to a gain some insight! The Cucso Historic Centre is recommended to all and acts as the perfect prequel to Machu Picchu - the main act.
Posted on 20/1/2010 by K Ilklington

Nothing to do with Inca culture or Andeans!
Despite the brutality that colonialism often brought, the Spanish were kind in having left Plaza de Armas. It is just over two and a half miles from Cusco town centre and there are lovely covered walkways in addition to various landmarks - such as the cathedral.
Posted on 27/6/2009 by Oscar De La Payos

The ruins of Moray
I understand that Machu Picchu dominates Cusco's tourist scene, but the ancient ruins at Moray are worthy of a side trip should you wish to try an attraction that probably won't be so overwhelmed by tourists. Not too far from the city centre and better than the Temple of the Sun - in my humble opinion!
Posted on 15/8/2008 by D Mackenzie