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Re. Colonial architecture at its finest
You can hire guides if you wish or if you know a local you can pay their entrance fee for them and ask them to explain. Most people don't want a guide because they feel the English signs explain enough for them.
Posted on 5/5/2011 by Pete F.

Re. The canyon
The different tours last for different times, either days or weeks. Some provide the transport and pick you up from your hostel or hotel (as early as 3am on some occasions!). The tours differ in price too, and just cos one is the most expensive doesn't mean that it is the best. Ask a local if you can.
Posted on 5/5/2011 by Pete F.

Colonial architecture at its finest
I heard that Santa Catalina monastery is one of the best attractions in Arequipa and I can definitely see why. This is a masterpiece example of great colonial architecture and you can see that the monastery is vast in size while having rooms, plazas, and fountains you can take fantastic pictures of. Enjoy walking along the narrow and cobbled streets. We could have done with a guide to be honest though.
Posted on 4/4/2011 by Tim Forde

The Canyon
You don't need me to tell you that you will need your own vehicle or other transport arranged for visiting Colca Canyon, as it is almost 575 miles from Arequipa. There are plenty of towns for you to stop-off at along the way though and great scenery before you get to the stunning canyon itself. Apparently there are so many different tours you can take and a little clarification on what they entail would be greatly appreciated!
Posted on 19/3/2010 by Nathan M

Arequipan history lesson
I thought that the buildings around the Historic Centre of Arequipa was wonderful after looking at it from the outside and things got even better once I had passed through the doorway to the entrance for some of them. Plenty of people hanging around and I most enjoyed watching my kids feed the birds just outside the cathedral. Lots of photo opportunities to take snaps of colonial buildings, pedestrian-only zones, and parks that are kept clean.
Posted on 2/2/2009 by Sarah Reynolds