Arequipa Restaurants and Dining

(Arequipa, Peru)

Image showing al fresco dining in the sunshineEating out in Peru is about much more than just roasted guinea pig and within the city of Arequipa is a mixture of restaurants, serving cuisine from around the world. Fine dining in Arequipa is especially easy to come by, with a selection of rather upscale restaurants being known to reside along the Calle San Francisco, on the northerly side of the Plaza de Armas.

However, dining in Arequipa need not been an expensive gourmet affair and there are innumerable cafes and cheap eateries around the Pasaje Catedral (next to the cathedral), offering refreshments in the form of pastries, sandwiches, soups and pizzas. Those avoiding the restaurants and choosing the self-catering route will likely pay a visit to the well-placed El Super grocery store in the city centre, off La Merced.

View of restaurant in the city centre

What to Eat

Arequipenos love dining out and tourists are strongly advised to sample some of their local Peruvian dishes and flavours. Traditional restaurants in Arequipa and known as 'picanterias' and these serve an array of flavoursome, rich food from Peru, with meals often being accompanied by a 'chicha de jora' beverage, or coca-leaf tea (mate de coca) to aid digestion. Picanterias are noticeably concentrated within the Arancota neighbourhood.

Food in Arequipa has earned a reputation for being hot and spicy, with 'rocoto' chilli peppers often being used. Popular dishes available at Arequipa's restaurants are likely to include the following: