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Long to get there but worth it
It took us a long time to get to Tortugeuro Canal but we weren't disappointed once we got arrived. Such a lovely body of water. There are plenty of companies offering tours, make sure you shop around and don't get stung by high prices!
Posted on 29/4/2011 by C Broadus

Re. Memorable
Mrs. Gail, you can also enjoy 'The Jungle Breeze' or Brisas de la Jungla if you like being out there in the open with the animals. You get lovely views of Port Limon from there too and can also see how the communities are living.
Posted on 16/6/2010 by H H Hinanda

The trip we took through Verauga Rainforest's canopy in an open tram will stick with me for life! There were exotic birds, sloths, insects, and other animals for us to gaze at and the guides we had spoke excellent English.
Posted on 16/5/2010 by Gail Hopkinson

Jazz on the beach
I felt like I had finally found my calling upon learning of the Junitos Jazz on the Beach experience. We were taken to the lounge on the beach from our hotel and relaxed to the sounds of some great jazz, provided by Costa Rica's top-rated jazz band, as we sipped exotic cocktails. What a day!
Posted on 24/3/2009 by Hilda Cookington

An off road adventure
I won't do their advertising for them but there are plenty of groups in Costa Rica that allow tourists the chance to enjoy off road adventures whether that means letting them take you around in an off-roader or driving one yourself. Personally I think the first option is the safest, but who am I to judge?
Posted on 13/12/2008 by Brian McCallister