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Re: Manic Marmara
I had to come to Istanbul on business a few times, and I must say that I never really warmed to the city. I didn't feel comfortable walking round at night in the city, however the hotels are all of pretty good quality and the cuisine is delectable.
Posted on 03/3/2012 by Wayne Henning

Manic Marmara
North-western Turkey's Marmara region is where the unofficial capital of Istanbul is. On arrival, Istanbul is manic and messy and perhaps a little overwhelming. Stay while though and you will be introduced to an interesting, bustling city full of diversity and charm
Posted on 03/3/2012 by Nel Finla

Re: UNESCO World Heritage Site
Which buildings In Istanbul are actually UNESCO sites? I was not aware when I went but I really liked some of the buildings I did see. I am looking to go back next year and want to do more touring these kinds of things.
Posted on 2/3/2012 by Charlie Cotton

Turkish Delight
Istanbul is becoming so much more popular recently, and quite rightly so. Such a cosmopolitan city, it thrives. With all its hustle and bustle of a busy city you will never be bored on a trip here.
Posted on 01/3/2012 by Jenny

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Many of the historical parts of Istanbul have been made into UNESCO world heritage sites and so they should be! It is turbulent history is evident in the buildings and makes for an interesting place to walk around. If I would pick one to describe Istanbul it would be 'diverse'. No two shops are the same, no food tastes the same and all buildings are unique and interesting.
Posted on 23/2/2012 by Jen Hamsire