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Wind Surfing in Fuerteventura - El Cotillo
El Cotillo Beach is a great stretch for those who like wind surfing or kite surfing. I can only admit to watching, but the conditions looked as close to perfect as possible and there were a lot of people, both in the water and watching from the sands. It was quite windy here and I don't think that this is a place for beginners, but if you have a bit of experience, then check it out. There are regular buses here from Corralejo.
Posted on 4/4/2008 by Anon

About the Baku Water Park
If you are here with a young family, then do consider an hour or two at the Baku Water Park in Corallejo. There was plenty here for all of us and any children enjoyed the assualt course equipment stuff. Of course, the water slides were a lot of fun as well. I enjoyed those as much as anyone.
Posted on 15/8/2007 by Lee Acker

Visit the Dunes of Corallejo
There is no real way that I could properly describe the Dunes of Corallejo, so I will simply say, that if you are going to Fuerteventura, you've just got to find them. They werre phenominal and easy to get to, off the Corallejo coastal road.
Posted on 4/3/2007 by Andrew Bevs

Quad Bikes on Fuerteventura
What - quad biking on Fuerteventura? Yes, that's right. For the princely sum of around 40 euros you can go zooming around the volcanic landscape on a quad bike, which has got to be done. You follow an experienced guide, who will point out the main sights on the way. I admit though that I wasn't that interested, as I was just having so much fun on the bike itself.
Posted on 12/10/2006 by Simon Weldson

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