Fuerteventura Restaurants and Dining

(Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain)

Picture of sunloungers on Fuerteventura's Jandia beachRestaurants and eateries of all description can be found throughout the island of Fuerteventura, with many national cuisines being well represented. Apart from Fuerteventura's most traditional dining venues, Spanish restaurants and Tapas bars, Fuerteventura also features an array of Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican restaurants, together with many English-style dining options.

Opening Hours

When eating out and restaurants in Fuerteventura, be prepared to dine when the locals do. Breakfast (desayuno) always takes place first thing in the morning and many tourists visiting Fuerteventura choose to eat breakfast at their convenient hotel restaurants, or in nearby coffee shops. Locals in Fuerteventura always enjoy a 'café con leche' (milky coffee) at breakfast time, often together with pastries or 'churros' - deep-fried chocolate-dipped pastries.

 View over the Fuerteventura village of BetancuriaLunch (la comida or almuerzo) in Fuerteventura usually takes place during the midafternoon siesta time, between 14:00 and 16:00, when many restaurants become busy, particularly on Sundays. A number of restaurants in Fuerteventura choose to open for early evening dinner at 18:00 onwards, specifically for tourists expecting to eat at this time. However, dinner (cena) in Fuerteventura typically starts from 21:00 at the earliest, with many of the island's restaurants and dining venues staying open until midnight or later.

Where to Eat

One of the most popular and traditional places to head for lunchtime snacks in Fuerteventura are the island's many Tapas bars and restaurants, which serve a variety of tasty nibbles. Designed to be the perfect accompaniment with wine and other drinks, Tapas bars are typically Spanish and full of atmosphere. The main types of Tapas in Fuerteventura generally include a range of stuffed olives, local cheeses, potato chips, mouthfuls of fish-based snacks, and seafood nibbles.

 Rooftop scene of Playa de Jandia, FuerteventuraA staple diet of Fuerteventura locals, Gofio is a wheat or maize based dish, often used as an accompaniment to meals or to thicken soups. Many traditional restaurants in Fuerteventura and throughout the Canary Islands favour simple meals, with local produce or freshly caught seafood. Spanish restaurants in Fuerteventura serve a variety of local cuisine and traditional dishes, such as paella, tortillas (omelettes), papas arrugadas con mojo (potato dish), soups (sopas), puchero (meat stew), rancho canario (beef and chicken stew), pork dishes, kebabs (pinchos morunos), and 'recion', a more substantial version of Tapas.

Many restaurants in Fuerteventura are based around the island's major resorts, towns and large villages, including Corralejo - with many restaurants and bars clustered around the Atlantico Commercial centre, Caleta de Fuste - a popular man-made tourist resort, Jandia - featuring a number of restaurants with impressive coastal views, and the village of Antigua - on the eastern side of Fuerteventura. Further popular restaurants can be found in Horizonte - a fairly small resort along Fuerteventura's eastern coast, La Oliva - close to Corralejo, in northern Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario - the capital of Fuerteventura, where some of the island's best restaurants can be found, and Tefia - a small village often traditional restaurants and locally made cheeses. Also, La Pared is a notable, modern tourist resort in southern Fuerteventura and is home to the famous Bahia Mar Restaurant, known for its magnificent views of the coastline.

Many restaurants in Fuerteventura vary their main meals on a daily basis, according to the best ingredients available. Fish of the day (pescado del dia) is dependent upon the local catch and sea bream, sea bass, tuna and sword fish is often available at restaurants and dining venues in Fuerteventura's towns and resorts.

For those who are feeling less adventurous, Fuerteventura main resorts feature large numbers of English-style restaurants. Popular meals at these restaurants include fish and chips, steaks, burgers, salads and fried breakfasts. Well-known fast-food restaurants are also plentiful in Fuerteventura, for those in more of a hurry.