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Ploshad Lenina and the Monument to Lenin
Central Tomsk has many traditional Soviet features, around the Lenin Square (Ploshad Lenina). The monument of Lenin is perhaps of the better known, as well as the historic Magistrat Hotel.
Posted on 22/3/2008 by Isabel Eccleson

Recreational Ozero Beloye
The Ozero Beloye is an important recreational space in Tomsk and we enjoy sitting outside a cafe, close to this large pond, and just enjoying the peace and quiet. You can also check your email at an internet cafe here, if you are suffering from cyberspace withdrawal symptoms. Close to the Solyanaya Street.
Posted on 5/12/2007 by Bailey Kennedy

On the Resurrection Hill
Resurrection Hill is obviously a really noticeable feature in Tomsk and a fortress was built on this hill just over 400 years ago. There was a nice Golden Gate thing, which was made of wood an added quite recently I would imagine, by the look of it.
Posted on 19/9/2007 by Alex Sober

Resurrection Hill - Great Views of Tomsk
Go up Resurrection Hill and up the Museum Tower. You have views across the city and the Tom River from every possible angle, lovely and uninterrupted views.
Posted on 5/8/2007 by Melissa Whole

Along the Tom River
When we came here recently, we enjoy walking along the Tom River. There were quite a lot of people about that day, and some boats. I think that you can have a cruise on it, but we were quite happy just walking and doing our own thing at our own pace.
Posted on 1/6/2007 by Dillan Kale

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