Tomsk Restaurants and Dining

(Tomsk, Siberia, Russia)

Picture showing restaurants in the city centreThere are so many dining options to choose from in central Tomsk, that it would take you weeks to work through the various restaurants. Most visitors staying in Tomsk find that the Prospekt Lenina is the best place for dining out and this spot offers an excellent selection of restaurants and eateries, serving a variety of different food.

Popular eateries along Tomsk's Prospekt Lenina include a number of fast-food restaurants and cheap cafes, such as the Sibirskoe Bistro and also the Allegro, although do be prepared for the possibility of Karaoke in the evening. Many of these restaurants, including the rather aptly named FoodMaster, including English-language menus with dishes from China, Italy, and even Mexico, along with some tasty Russian specialities.

What to Eat

If your palate is not particularly adventurous, then you will be pleased to find steaks, fries and Western-style dishes on offer, along with pasta, pizzas and similar offerings. However, since you are in Russia, do try to sample some local food, with traditional menus often featuring 'pelmeni' (Russian ravioli dumplings) and 'kotlety' (cutlets).

During the surprisingly warm Siberian summers, the food served at a number of the restaurants in Tomsk makes full use of the available local produce. This includes an array of colourful berries and delicious fruits, along with freshly caught fish, while cheese and dairy produce is fairly staple all through the year.

Where to Eat

Apart from the Prospekt Lenina, further restaurants in Tomsk can be found along the Ulitsa Krasnoarmeyskaya, where the People's Bar and Grill is a good place to enjoy some rather adventurous cocktails and simple snack food.

For one of the best dining options in Tomsk, head on over to the Ulitsa Sovetskaya, where the Vechny Zov features many imaginatively created Siberian dishes, which are often accompanied by a violinist.