Monte Carlo Art Galleries

(Monte Carlo, Monaco)

Photo of historical coastal buildingsA recent addition to Monte Carlo's museums is the Frank Lloyd and Harry Fischer-inspired Marlborough Fine Art Gallery, where art fans can admire post-WWII works by well-known international artists.

There are also many further galleries spread around the wealthy resort of Monte Carlo and throughout Monaco, trying hard to tempt passing tourists to part with some of their well-earned money. The Avenue Princesse Grace is home to a number of very noteworthy art galleries, including both the Maretti Arte Monaco and the Kamil Galerie du Forum.

Marlborough Fine Art Gallery

Address: 4 Quai Antonie 1er, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Tel: +377 097 70 2550
Monte Carlo's only museum dedicated solely to art, the newly founded Marlborough Fine Art Gallery is less than a decade old and makes up the fourth branch of London's gallery of the same name. The gallery is the creation of Frank Lloyd and Harry Fischer and focuses on post-WWII art by masters such as Francis Bacon, Henry Moore and Ben Nicholson.

Galerie d'Art Monte Carlo

Address: Place du Casino, 7 Galerie du Sporting d'Hiver, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Tel: +377 093 30 2959
Often abbreviated to simply 'GAM', the Galerie d'Art Monte Carlo is well-known for its stylish contemporary art works and lavish exhibition openings. Many huge canvasses are for sale here, with popular artists including both Allen Jones and Pierre Soulages, amongst others.

Galerie d'Art Pictural

Address: 4 Avenue de la Madone, Galerie du Métropole, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Tel: +377 093 50 0936
The Galerie d'Art Pictural has become well known within this glitzy resort for its art works, many of which have been created by leading artists. Visitors can expect to find names such as Merot and Rousso hanging on the wall.

Galerie Monaco Fine Arts

Address: Place du Casino, Galerie du Sporting d'Hiver, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Tel: +377 093 50 7438
Founded in the middle of the 1970s and still very much an integral part of Monte Carlo's thriving arts scene, the Galerie Monaco Fine Arts specialises in historical impressionist paintings from the 19th century onwards. On display are some very impressive paintings by none other than Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 to 1919), along with an increasing number of international contemporary works.

Gallerie Berrino

Address: 19 Rue Basse, Monaco-Ville, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Tel: +377 092 16 7484
The ever-popular Gallerie Berrino can be found standing next to the Palace Square, where it showcases the colourful landscape paintings of its owner, Mario Berrino. Many of the scenes depicted are of a coastal nature, with inspiration being taken from around Monaco itself.

Maretti Arte Monaco

Address: 24 Avenue Princesse Grace, La Roccabella, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Tel: +377 097 77 1777
The Maretti Arte Monaco is easy to find, being situated along the famed Avenue Princesse Grace. Visitors to this gallery will discover a distinct contemporary Italian flavour. The painting are well-lit by natural light, while close by is both Larvotto Beach and the very appealing Maya Bay restaurant.

Kamil Galerie du Forum

Address: 3 Avenue Princesse Grace, Emilie Palace, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Tel: +377 092 16 0010
Another of the popular art galleries located on the Avenue Princess Grace, the Kamil Galerie du Forum boasts plenty of space to exhibit even the largest sculptures and canvasses. Richard Mass is one artist whose name regularly crops up here.