Verona Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(Verona, Veneto, Italy)

Verona Cityscape viewVerona is situated on the banks of the distinctively S-shaped Adige River.

On the south side of the loop is Verona's historic district and this is the location for many of the city's major attractions. It is linked with districts on the left bank by a series of bridges.

Whilst the historic centre is the first port of call for visitors, it's worth exploring the other neighbourhoods in Verona, including Veronetta on the left bank.

Picture of the Historic district's Piazza delle Erbe

Historic District

Walk around Verona's central historic district and you may well feel like you're stepping back some 2,000 years in time. This is the area that was originally enclosed by Verona's Roman city walls.

Situated within the bend of the River Adige, this relatively small neighbourhood is home to numerous Roman remains, as well as some beautiful churches, palaces, towers and lively piazzas. Most central of the latter is Verona's Piazza delle Erbe.

Photo of the Piazza Bra in the Modern district

Modern District

Heading to the south of Verona's historic centre and the Piazza delle Erbe, this more modern neighbourhood is dominated by the Roman Arena. The Piazza Brà can be found here, as can the imposing Castelvecchio.

Right Bank District

Located south of Verona's Arena, this neighbourhood is perhaps best known for its associations with the story of Romeo and Juliet. As well as Juliet's house and other attractions, you can't fail to feel at home here.

Photo of the Teatro Romano in the Left Bank

Left Bank District

On Verona's left bank is the northern district of Veronetta. This district comprises the Teatro Romano and, behind it, the steep hill of San Pietro.

Whilst this area doesn't boast the same number of tourist attractions, as it's mainly a residential neighbourhood, Veronetta is nevertheless a good place just to wander around, with winding streets and some lively bars and restaurants.