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Lovely city
Lovely city. You can find cheap accommodation in the city center (within 20 euro/night). Also in the city center you can find food for all budgets (from 2.5 euro a gyros or 1 a hot dog or sandwich, to 15 euro a nice lunch or dinner). Water costs 50 cents a bottle of 0.5 l.
From the airport its easy acces to city center by bus 78, you can buy ticket from the bus and it costs 90 cents, or from kiosk and costs 80 cents.
If you want to go to the beach, you can take from city center the bus 2, 3 or 8 which goes to IKEA and from there bus 72 which takes you to the nice beach Perea. The trip takes about 1.5 hour.
I recommend to visit the Museum of Byzantine culture and the Museum of Archeology, also the inside of White Tower and the old city which is situated on the hill, not far from white tower.
You should be very carefull with your wallet and other goods, keep them close to you!
Posted on 12/8/2012 by Andrew

A look at Byzantine culture
I've always had an interest in Byzantine culture since high school, so a trip to the Museum of Byzantine was always going to feature high on my agenda. I wasn't disappointed and was instead impressed with the layout of an attraction that is full of artefacts while telling an important story.
Posted on 3/9/2011 by Tiffany Diaz

Vivacious and vibrant
As a Canadian, European haunts such as Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki are just fascinating to me. This was my favourite place to hang out in the city and I always made sure that I met my friends there if we were meeting close to the centre. Great views of Thessaloniki from here as well.
Posted on 18/2/2010 by Riki Woffinden

The city's landmark
People rate Aristotelous Square highly but I personally favoured The White Tower. I mean, what is there not to like about it? It has a great observation deck that allows you to look far into the distance and is Thessaloniki's main landmark.
Posted on 27/11/2009 by Pete Hickman

Re. Thessaloniki's best temple
Frank Davies, please try the Church of Ayia Sofia also if you didn't last time. It is the Byzantine beauty that you are speaking of buddy. It is double distance as Church of Crypt is from the centre but come on, that's just one mile and a half!
Posted on 29/8/2008 by Styros

Thessaloniki's best temple
I thought that the Church of Crypt of Ayios Dimitrios was Thessaloniki's best temple and it was incredibly close to the centre of the city. Obviously it is a religious site but is quite historic too. Byzantine beauty at its best!
Posted on 20/8/2008 by Frank Davies