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The Hamburger Rathaus (City Hall)
Hamburg City Hall is located on the Rathausmarkt and most definitely deserves a visit. This is a very elegant building with a beautiful facade. Inside are a number of ornate halls, although on some days these may be in use and therefore out of bounds. If you want to experience the interior in all its glory, check at the entrance when the next guided tour is commencing.
Posted on 21/10/2007 by Alan Farnham

The Altona Beach Clubs
When I came to Hamburg for a recent summer holiday, I was told to pay a visit to the beaches. Now before you get too excited, these are actually river beaches and so I was quite intrigued. Altona is close by the city centre and on the western side of St. Pauli. The beach actually consists of a load of imported golden sand, which had been laid out on the riverbank, alongside the River Elbe. There are several of these 'beach' areas which are fenced off, with plenty of seating and food sold nearby by. A very lively and different experience, definitely something off the usual Hamburg tourist map.
Posted on 29/4/2007 by Brennan Face

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