Hamburg Airport (HAM) Information

(Hamburg, Germany)

Hamburg Airport is one of Germany's busiest airports and the country's fifth-largest, serving up to 13 million flyers a year with flights to more than 120 cities. It provides both international and domestic connections via some 70 different airlines, including British Airways, EasyJet and Lufthansa, with most routes to destinations within Europe.

Other major carriers based here include Flybe, Germanwings, KLM and Swiss Air. Like any large airport, Hamburg Airport is a draw for plane-spotters, with its three observation areas offering great views of aircraft landing and taking off. People primarily arrive here for access to the city, the northern coast and the Lower Saxony region.

The airport dates back to 1911 and began its life as a private entity for airships, making it one of the world's oldest continually-running air hubs. Today, this well-facilitated site has two runways and two terminals, including a state-of-the-art terminal. There is also a hotel onsite - the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Hamburg Airport (HAM)

Address: Flughafenstrasse 1-3, 22335 Hamburg, Germany, DE
Tel: +49 405 0750
Hamburg Airport is located in the Fuhlsbüttel-Niendorf part of the city, some 8 km / 5 miles due north of the city centre. The two terminals are sensibly named Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with Terminal 1 being the newest and most advanced. Flag carrier Lufthansa has its base in Terminal 2.

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Autobahn 7, which runs north-south to the west of the airport, takes drivers into the western suburbs of the city, while Route 433 runs to the east and offers a more direct route into the city centre. Of note, the drive to the city will usually last about 15 minutes.

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Public buses serve both terminals, taking in the region of 30 minutes to reach Hamburg itself. There are also private and hotel shuttle services. Although flights are limited at night, there is a night bus service to the city from the airport.


S-Bahn trains run from Hamburg Airport to the Hamburg Central Station every ten minutes or thereabouts, taking 25 minutes. These trains operate right up until midnight. U-Bahn trains also serve the city from the nearby Ohlsdorf Station, a 15-minute taxi ride from the terminals.


Taxis are naturally the most convenient option for reaching the city, being quicker than trains. They take approximately 25 minutes to reach the city from the airport and depart from outside of the Arrivals areas of both terminals.