Corsica Shopping and Districts

(Corsica, France)

Marina picture taken at CalviLet's face it, most visitors to Corsica don't come here for shopping! Add to this the fact that Corsica's towns, even its capital, are not equipped with massive malls, discount outlets and the like, and shopping on the island becomes a much less frenetic occupation.

The main tourist centres of Porto Vecchio, Calvi and Bonifacio have a diverse selection of small shops specialising in souvenirs, gifts, local foods, leather goods, glass and pottery, and a few antiques. Worth noting, Ajaccio is known for its upscale French and Italian designer boutiques, which are patronised by the famous and wealthy.

Additional Calvi marina photo

When to Shop and Where

If mall shopping is a must, a combination boat trip to Sardinia to see the sights and visit this island's brand new Outlet Village on the east coast might suit. The outlet offers dozens of well-known brand names, all at discounted prices. Surely, though, it's better to wander around the tiny shops and markets everywhere on Corsica and leave mega-shopping until you get home!

Apart from the ubiquitous souvenir shops in the touristy areas, one of the best ways to shop while getting a flavour of the real Corsica is a visit to the local markets, which are scattered across the island in just about every town and larger village. Must-buys here are the superb local honey and the equally superb locally produced olive oil. Sadly, these days, quantities of liquid can't be transported in the aircraft's cabin unless bought in the duty free stores at the airport, (more expensive and perhaps not as good).

Napoleon statue in AjaccioAs well as foodstuffs, most markets on Corsica also sell handicrafts, and for a real treat, a visit to craft workshops making knives, pottery, baskets or glass items is an idea. Bonifacio's old town area has narrow streets full of tiny boutiques and shops selling everything from fashion and jewellery to crafts and gifts. If you've fallen in love with the music of Corsica, DVDs are easily available. Ajaccio has a wide selection of shops, but prices do tend to be higher than in France. Genuine French and Italian designer fashions are popular here, with celebrities like Angelina Jolie having browsed these exclusive boutiques in the past.

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