Stratford upon Avon Shopping and Districts

(Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, England, UK)

Photo of town centre shoppersSouvenir shopping in Stratford upon Avon is always a pleasure, with plenty of gift shops where you can pick up Shakespeare-related goodies and postcards. Many of the shops in Stratford upon Avon are particularly beautiful buildings in their own right, with timbered facades and a distinctive medieval character.

There are a number of large department stores in Stratford upon Avon town centre, where the shopping opportunities range from designer clothing and jewellery, to china, soft furnishings and cookware. Located on Wood Street is Debenhams, which is a prominent department store and home to its own coffee shop and restaurant, should you need to put your bags down and take a break. Nearby, the 200-year Paxton and Whitfield cheesemonger is well worth looking out for.

Different picture of the town centre shops

Where to Shop

Within central Stratford upon Avon, look to Bridge Street for the best selection of shops, where high-street brands include British Home Stores (BHS) and Marks and Spencer (M&S).

For something a little more traditional and in keeping with the rich shopping heritage of Stratford, the bi-monthly summer Farmers' Market on Rother Street is filled with local produce, ranging from cheeses and spicy chutneys, to sausages and vegetables, and takes place on the first Saturday and third Saturday each month. There is also a weekly flea market each Friday, and a further Christmas market in December.