Getting Around, Abu Dhabi Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, UAE)

Terminal picture taken inside the Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH)With so much to see and do in Abu Dhabi, you will need to use some form of public transport. There are numerous different travel options available, including buses, taxis and private car hire. Bus transport in Abu Dhabi is relatively easy to use and offers frequent routes around the city.

Hiring a car and self-driving is a popular travel option, as you can peruse Abu Dhabi and its attractions without the constraints of public transport timetables. The road network is extremely easy to navigate and most car hire companies offer GPS systems in their cars.

Additional terminal view taken at Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH)

Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) / Arriving by Air

Address: Airport Road, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, UAE
Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second busiest in the region after Dubai. Sited approximately 40 minutes by taxi from the centre of the city, there is an array of transport options for transit to most centrally located hotels. The airport is the base for Ethihad, which is the country's flag carrier, and offers flights to all corners of the globe from the United States of America to Australia. With ongoing renovations and expansion of the building, there is an ever-growing amount of facilities available, ranging from restaurants to duty-free shops and banking services.

Birds eye view of the Corniche

Car Rental

There are numerous offices for car rental companies both at the airport and in the downtown area of the city. Self-driving in Abu Dhabi is really quite painless, with easy to navigate roads and motorways. If you wish to hire a car but don't want to drive yourself, it is usually quite possible to hire a local driver from any of the car rental travel companies on hand.

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City photo, showing waterfront road

Buses and Coaches

Within the city limits of Abu Dhabi there is a publicly run bus service on hand that can take you around the major tourist spots and busy districts. Bus transport is also to be found at the airport and operates 24 hours a day, as well as running between Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.


Taxis are readily available in Abu Dhabi and are a relatively inexpensive way to travel to your chosen destination. You will find an abundance of taxis driving around the city streets, which can be easily hailed from anywhere. Hotels and major attractions always have taxis waiting for passengers. Private limousine services are also on hand, which can be organised from your hotel or at the airport.