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Going to the Hot Springs - Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!
Chiang Mai has become known for its hot springs, which are reputed to have some therapeutic and healing properties. When we were here, we got in a tuk tuk and headed to a hot spring in the San Kamphaeng area. The driver was really helpful and we went to one that he recommended and enjoyed a 30 minute soak in a private bowl. There is quite a lot of sulphur in the water, which is supposed to be good for the skin. Boy was it hot. You can even buy some small eggs here and boil them in the water while you bathe - and then eat them with soya sauce. Weird idea - didn't fancy that at all, no my kind of thing, but I enjoyed the experience!
Posted on 15/2/2008 by Tang

Elephants in Chiang Mai
We were told about the Maetaeng Elephant Camp and decided that this would be a nice place to come. The elephants were so big and seemed well care for - and very well behaved! We fed them some bananas and then climbed aboard for our ride. That was quite an experience, although my elephant did go trotting off and doing its own thing at one stage.
Posted on 2/11/2007 by Anon

The Elephant Shows
If you want to experience elephants close up when you come to Chiang Mai, then Mae Taeng Elephant Park is the place. We loved it and it was quite a day. We saw a show, rode an elephant to the Lisu Village (where there was conveniently a lot of gift shops), and then hand a fun ox and cart ride back to the camp. Some people also went on a raft trip after we'd all had lunch.
Posted on 9/10/2007 by Greg Thomson

Charming Snakes
A lot of tourists visiting Chiang Mai's Mae Taeng Elephant Park also like to check out the Mae Sa Snake Farm, which is nearby, at the Mae Sa Valley. It is very much aimed at tourists, although we quite enjoyed it. The best bits were when the snake handlers were holding the biggest snakes - some huge pythons and cobras.
Posted on 25/7/2007 by Neena Steiner

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