Chiang Mai Restaurants and Dining

(Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Picture of dining tables at the Night BazaarChiang Mai is home to possibly the best selection of restaurants within any city in Thailand, with the exception of Bangkok. However, many tourists visiting Chiang Mai prefer the dining options here to Bangkok, since it is much easier to get around and enjoy the local cuisine.

For Western-style dining and more European dishes, many of the guesthouses and hotels within Chiang Mai offer a good choice of delicious food, together with simple toned-down Thai meals, which often include rice, noodles, seafood and mild soup-like curries. Most hotel restaurants in Chiang Mai also feature buffet-style western breakfasts, with cereals, yoghurt, toast and fruit.

View of Sunday marketNumerous street corners throughout central Chiang Mai often feature food carts, where you can purchase an appetising hot meal at a low price. Also worth noting, noodle shops are never far away, where you can get a quick and tasty bite to eat.

Where to Eat

For traditional Thai cuisine at its best, venture away from the guesthouses and head to the many restaurants clustered in the city centre. Many of the most popular eateries and dining venues in Chiang Mai can be found along the following stretches, often being close to hotels and attractions:

Those staying in Chiang Mai and looking for alternatives to Thai restaurants will find plenty to choose from, with dining options including Chinese, French, Indian, Italian and Mexican restaurants, amongst others. Coffee shops are also becoming increasingly popular in Chiang Mai and are a great place for a simple lunch or snack, while for others, the small local bars often feature inexpensive dishes and a true taste of local life.