Manila Restaurants and Dining

(Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines)

Waterfront image of tables and chairsManila has a vast array of dining establishments and eateries with both Filipino and international cuisine on offer. Visitors to Manila can enjoy local fare at either no-frills restaurants or at classy joints, and there are no shortages of fast-food options with many of the most popular franchises operating branches in the city.

No visit to the city is complete without sampling a few of the locals' favourite dishes. Those dining at one of the many Filipino restaurants in Manila will find an array of local delicacies available. 'Sinigang', a sour and salty soup made from boiled fish, vegetables and fish sauce is a must-try.

Picture of city cafe tables

When to Eat / Opening Hours

Restaurants are open throughout the day in Manila and its possible to get a bite to eat at pretty much any time, save for in the middle of the night.

Some eateries, such as international dining venues, may open only for lunch or dinner, but most of the establishments serving local fare are open from early morning until evening. Depending on what they're selling, some roadside food vendors may open in the morning or the evening only.

Harbourfront dining view

What to Eat

Food in Manila is typically Filipino, which means that it incorporates all the influences that are found in the national cuisine. Chinese styles are visible within the various stir-fries and noodle dishes that are popular, while Spanish influences can be seen in the various stews that have found their way into the local dining scene. Dishes to try include the stew known as 'adobo' - made from pork and chicken with soy sauce, paprika and bay leaves; and also 'arroz valenciana' - a tasty Filipino version of Spanish paella.

Photo of the city's floating Jumbo Restaurant

Where to Eat

Manila's restaurants are spread across the length of the city and though there are definite distinct concentrations of dining establishments, it's possible to find somewhere to eat, no matter where you are. The variety of eateries is also significant, with traditional restaurants set amid international ones. Chinese and Japanese are particularly popular in Manila, however, there are also plenty of European venues presenting the cuisine of countries such as Italy, France and Germany.

If you are in the mood for Chinese dining, then the obvious place to head for is Manila's Chinatown. This area is situated within the Binodo district and can be reached easily from Manila city centre by 'jeepney'. There are so many restaurants to choose from in Chinatown that you might struggle to decide on where to eat. If you pay attention to each restaurant's individual specialities, you should be able to settle on a venue fairly easily.

For tourists holidaying in Manila, the bulk of dining establishments and eateries catering specifically to their needs can be found in the Malate and Ermita districts. It's here that you will find a wealth of cafés and restaurants, as well as hotels with their own in-house restaurants. If it's authentic Filipino food you are looking for in Manila, then these areas are perhaps not the best to try. However, if you are looking for upmarket establishments, then you will certainly find a good selection of dining venues providing high quality cuisine with service to match.