Manila Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

(Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines)

Enchanted Kingdom viewManila is one of the liveliest capital cities on the planet, but it's also a city of great diversity, where luxury, affluence and tourist attractions are somewhat interspersed with squalor and poverty. It is this diversity that makes Manila such a fascinating tourist destination, and a city where things are rarely quiet and attractions are plentiful.

The influences of the Spanish, the Chinese and North Americans have also contributed greatly to the city's eclectic qualities and tourist attractions, together with its unique identity and ambiance. There is interesting architecture all across Manila, serving as evidence to its multicultural past.

Photo of the Enchanted Kingdom theme park

Enchanted Kingdom

Address: San Lorenzo South, Manila, Philippines, PH
Tel: +63 02 830 2111
Manila has a number of amusement parks and the Enchanted Kingdom is commonly considered one of the better ones. Split into themed zones, the park offers a plethora of rides and attractions, among which are highlights such as the Log Jam water ride and the 11-storey high Space Shuttle roller coaster.
Open hours: daily, 08:00 to 18:00
Admission: charge

Divisoria Market photograph

Divisoria Market

Address: Claro M. Recto Avenue, Manila, Philippines, PH
Tel: +63 02 524 7141
To sample city life at it's best and most vibrant, don't miss out on the lively Divisoria Market in the San Nicholas district. This huge outdoor affair sells everything imaginable and consequently attracts large numbers of customers, creating a somewhat chaotic but nonetheless buzzing atmosphere. Prices of goods are very reasonable and if your bargaining skills are up to scratch, you will find they are even cheaper.
Open hours: daily - 10:00 to 21:00
Admission: free

Nayong Filipino Cultural Park

Address: NAIA Road, Pasay City Manila, Philippines, PH
Tel: +63 02 832 3760
The Philippines is home to a large number of indigenous tribes and it is their culture and heritage that is examined by exhibits at this 114-acre / 46-hectare large theme park. Aside from cultural performances in media such as song and dance, the park presents miniaturised representations of six of the country's indigenous regions. Other onsite attractions at the Nayong Filipino Cultural Park include an aviary and an aquarium.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge

Chinese Cemetery image

Chinese Cemetery

Address: Aurora Avenue, Blumentritt, Manila, Philippines, PH
Chinese immigrants have made their way to the Philippine islands since 100 AD and though this cemetery only dates back to the mid-19th century, it's a solid reminder of their place in Filipino society. The Chinese Cemetery is exceptionally well kept and its various mausoleums contain a bizarre selection of household items, including toilets and air conditioning units. Visitors wanting a greater insight can request guided tours of specific tombs.
Open hours: daily - 07:00 to 19:00
Admission: free

Splash Island

Address: South Superhighway, Manila, Philippines, PH
Tel: +63 02 928 0507
The country's largest water park is packed with watery attractions and is a good choice for a day out when the weather in Manila is that bit too hot to make sightseeing enjoyable. Splash Island is home to numerous pools, as well as a variety of winding and twisting slides, and thrilling attractions with names such as King Pilipit, Big Bam Boo, Dos Supremos and Rio Montanosa.
Open hours: daily - 09:00 to 17:00
Admission: charge

View of the Cultural Centre of the Philippines

Cultural Centre of the Philippines

Address: Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines, PH
Tel: +63 02 832 1125
Sample the best of the city's performing arts scene at this highly reputable venue. The Cultural Centre of the Philippines is popularly considered the best in Manila for stage productions. The main theatre features a large auditorium and a stage that hosts regular performances by the Bayanihan Dance Company, as well as performances by visiting theatre companies. Gallery spaces exhibiting visual artworks are also housed within the centre.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge