Fukuoka Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan)

Picture of Canal City in the Nakasu district of FukuokaFukuoka City is the largest city in Kyushu, one of Japan's four major islands.

It is surrounded by the Fukuoka plains, bordered by mountains and home to the channel of water, which runs into the Sea of Genkai. The city of Fukuoka is divided into a number of districts, offering business, entertainment, beaches, hotels and more besides.

Tenjin is the main business hub in Fukuoka, whereas Nakasu is the place to head for entertainment venues. The Nishiku district boasts some truly breathtaking beaches, and Higashiku is home to both the port and the university, and therefore a particularly vibrant place in which to experience everyday life in Fukuoka. The city's main districts are explained further below.

Further view of the Nakasu district


Nakasu is not only the largest entertainment district in Fukuoka, but also the biggest in the whole of western Japan. It is a long and thin area boasting over 2,000 eateries and bars, as well as the Naka River promenade.

This is the ideal place to visit if you enjoy crowds of people and a frenetic atmosphere, and many cinemas are to be found nearby.

Picture of Kyushu University in the Higashiku district


Higashiku literally means 'eastwards'. This district is home to a number of schools, Kyushu University and a thriving port, which provides work for many of the city's residents. The Higashiku area of Fukuoka also contains the Hakozaki Shrine and the Genkai National Park.


Sawaraku is one of the city's main residential areas, and it leads to rice fields and eventually the mountains. This is a particularly popular district and is especially appealing to hikers and mountain bike riders alike, as it is the start of some excellent mountainous trails.

Picture of beach in the Nishiku district


Nishiku is a district in western Fukuoka, extending along the south-western coast. This location boasts some superb beaches, such as Futamigaura, a stunning sandy beach which is known for its exceptionally clear, blue water.

Once you are in Nishiku, you may forget that you are still in the city, since the scenery is so stunning and the atmosphere so peaceful.

Tenjin view


Tenjin lies at the heart of Fukuoka city, boasting hubs for both business and entertainment. Here you will find high-rise offices standing next to trendy boutiques and bars. At weekends, this area is packed with young people letting their hair down after a busy week at work. Fukuoka's Tenjin district is home to an extensive transportation system, consisting of a subway, trains and buses, as well as underground arcades, which are perfect for those who want to explore the area on foot.