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Elephant Reserve
We got stung with the receipt thing too but only paid R70! Sorry to hear that. We went a couple of months after your family and apparently new animals had been added. There were plenty of signs saying so anyhow.
Posted on 30/10/2011 by Gina

Re. Who would have thought a train station would be an attraction!
Dominic, got to agree on the food unfortunately. Did you not see the jazz bar though? One of the highlights for me. Hope you spot it if there is a next time!
Posted on 25/8/2011 by Damon

Who would have thought a train station would be an attraction!
We stayed directly opposite Maputo Central Train Station in Mozambique's capital city and were told by hotel staff that we should start our sight seeing there. This is one of the best colonial buildings I've seen in Africa and because of this there was a lot of history. Food left a lot to be desired and I wouldn't have minded a drink but no grumbles otherwise!
Posted on 14/7/2011 by Dominic Ormonroyd

Our own exploration at the Elephant Reserve
Our family decided to rent a jeep for our excursion to Maputo Elephant Reserve and were charged R100 per person and R100 for our vehicle just to gain access. There's a lovely beach there and of course the animals themselves are great but I felt there wasn't enough of them. We also had to pay again because we lost our receipt. Was great to drive ourselves around though.
Posted on 12/5/2010 by Irene Young

Worth the trip to Mozambique Island alone
Of course I headed to Mozambique island from the mainland for different reasons but the Fort Sao Sebastian was the best part for me. I learned so much loads about the French colonialism of this great African country and this was the best historic site in the country in my opinion.
Posted 19/3/2009 by Alex Haley