Mozambique Beaches, Scuba Diving and Water Sports

(Mozambique, MZ, South-East Africa)

Mozambique is steadily gaining popularity in the world of tourism, with its spectacular coastlines, sandy beaches and scuba diving opportunities proving to be something of a tourist magnet. There are many colourful coral reefs, underwater caves and plenty of marine life to savour, although divers are always encouraged to behave in a responsible manner, so that the ecology can be preserved for future visitors.

The majority of the dive operators in Mozambique tend to be based around the principal beach resorts and rent scuba diving equipment. In general, the best beaches and dive sites reside in Southern Mozambique, with the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago coming highly recommended, along with the more northerly Quirimbas National Park.

General Information

Fronting the Baia de Inhambane is Tofo Beach, located in the Inhambane district of Southern Mozambique. This stretch of coastline has much to endear itself to tourists, including long sandy beaches, a markedly relaxed atmosphere, whale-watching opportunities and some great water sports activities. Nearby Barra also features some favourable scuba diving facilities and plenty of reasonably priced accommodation.

In Southern Mozambique, the colonial towns of Ponta Malongane and Ponta d'Oura offer many seaside attractions. Slightly more touristy is Ponta d'Oura, with its superb beach, frequent dolphins and whale sharks, and seasonal visits from a number of migrating whales (between July and October). This coastline can become very busy during the peak holiday months of April and December, when experienced scuba divers come to dive with the Zambezi (bull) and hammerhead sharks. The Tandje Beach Resort is a big draw here, with its scuba diving courses and dive camps, as well as the Ponta Mamoli Resort.

Another favourite spot in the south is the colonial beach resort of Pomene, part-way between Vilankulo and Inhambane, where birdwatching and fishing are popular activities around the mangroves. The beach at Pomene is particularly special and comes with a lighthouse and a derelict hotel.

Inhaca Island has become known in Mozambique for its plentiful scuba diving opportunities, although it should be noted that the visibility can vary and conditions are always dependent on tidal times. However, the Bottlenose dolphins, the Humpback dolphins and the dugongs (similar to manatees) are major attractions here. The snorkelling is also good around Inhaca Island, especially at the southerly Cape Santa Maria.

Close to Inharrime is Zavora Beach, which has recently joined the dive scene in Southern Mozambique, with its lengthy beach and pristine reef. Those diving here can expect to find a variety of rays and sharks, and even a colonised old shipwreck.