Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Johannesburg

(Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)

Photo of the Johannesburg skylineWhile medical tourism in Johannesburg is not as popular as medical tourism in some other parts of the world, there has been a steady rise in recent years, as people become aware of the low costs involved and high standards. Plastic surgery in Johannesburg, in particular, is much cheaper here than in the Western world, due largely to the weak state of the South African rand.

Despite the low-cost of health care in Johannesburg compared to Europe and North America, patients will find that health care is of the highest standard and all hospitals use state-of-the-art equipment. Medical care in Johannesburg is similar to UK health care, and the city features both public and private healthcare sectors, which work hand in hand with South Africa's medical schools to create internationally recognised medical specialists.

There are 14 excellent Netcare approved hospitals in Johannesburg, as well as a large number of specialist clinics to choose from. All of these medical centres feature English-speaking doctors and nurses, who have been trained in leading medical institutions.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

One of the many advantages of medical tourism in Johannesburg, aside from the obvious financial rewards, is that the level of health care and after care here is excellent. Private Johannesburg hospitals and clinics are full of the latest medical equipment and English-speaking staff who perform cutting-edge procedures.

Johannesburg is famed for its year-round sunshine and mild climate, making it the perfect place to recover after surgery. The scenery here is simply stunning and the hotels are of world-class standard.

Although Johannesburg isn't the cheapest place in which to play, those who are looking for a little luxury will be pampered in spas and can treat themselves to gourmet meals in the city's hotels and restaurants. This is also a popular launching point to try adventure activities such as wildlife safaris and scuba diving.

Medical Procedures

The world's very first heart transplant was carried out in South Africa in the 1960s and since then, Johannesburg hospitals have been attracting large numbers of innovative specialists. While hundreds of other procedures are regularly carried out in the city's hospitals, Johannesburg is particularly known for its cheap cosmetic surgery and dentistry.


The hospitals in Johannesburg are of an extremely high standard, and specialists travel here from all over the world in order to set up their practices. Private patients are treated to their own rooms, which come complete with modern amenities, as well as personal attention from doctors and nurses.

The Life Brenthurst Clinic is a member of the Life Healthcare organisation and offers quality health care, including procedures ranging from heart transplants to cosmetic surgery in Johannesburg. Other medical centres managed by Life Healthcare in Johannesburg include the Life Medgate Sameday Surgical Centre, the Life Carstenhof Clinic and the Life Robinson Private Hospital.

The city's Netcare Olivedale Hospital is the largest private hospital in South Africa and the medical specialists and nursing staff here offer a full range of procedures and medical care, from open-heart surgery to cosmetic surgery and childbirth.