Seychelles Shopping and Districts

(Seychelles, SC, Africa)

Image showing market traders and shopping in VictoriaThere are no large Western-style shopping centres in the Seychelles. Instead, visitors can indulge in shopping therapy at a rich variety of markets and small independent stores.

Markets, particularly those held in the evening, are a great place to soak up the local atmosphere, as well as pick up a bargain or two. The main island of Mahé offers the most choice when it comes to souvenirs, including jewellery, dyed batik fabrics and handcrafted curios.

Picture of the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market in Victoria

When to Shop and Opening Hours

Markets tend to open from 08:00 to 17:00 during the week, closing at lunchtime on Saturday. Some shops may choose to close for lunch for an hour or so, reopening again at 13:00.

Where to Shop

Victoria, on the island of Mahé, has a number of shops where visitors can buy souvenirs. These include Kenwyn House, a restored traditional Creole building which showcases local artists' work, as well as pieces of locally crafted jewellery.

Further view of Victoria's Sir Selwyn Clarke MarketSeveral other shops along Francis Rachel Street sell handmade curios and gifts. Camion Hall is a small shopping arcade that is home to several different stores. Situated on Albert Street, it's a good place to indulge in retail therapy.

Likewise, the Sham Peng Tong Plaza houses a variety of outlets where visitors can buy decent Seychelles souvenirs.

Victoria's Sir Selwyn Clarke Market sells a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruit, and dried and fresh fish. Handcrafted items are also on sale here.

Photo of market stalls on Mahe Island, SeychellesIt's worth trying to bargain with the Seychelles market vendors, although you may not always be successful. The Beau Vallon Beach outdoor market is held in the evening on Wednesdays and on some Saturdays.

Elsewhere on Mahé, visitors will find that there are plenty of small 'variety' and mini-food stores, where you can buy everyday goods, including bottled water. For groceries, there are also a few small supermarkets.