Sudan Restaurants and Dining

(Sudan, SD, North-East Africa)

When you are on holiday, trying out local food is always a fascinating experience. No more so than in Sudan. There are plenty of restaurants throughout the country that serve good local food at reasonable prices.

There are times, though, when you may prefer to dine in style, or perhaps settle for a more familiar style of cuisine. In Khartoum, there is plenty of choice when it comes to eateries. Options range from small Sudanese restaurants to upmarket hotel dining rooms. Expect to pay a premium for your meal in the latter. Outside of Khartoum, you may have to search a little harder.

When it comes to dining out in Sudan, opening times vary widely. Most restaurants serve lunch from 13:00 to 16:00, reopening for dinner service from 19:00 until roughly 23:30. Others open throughout the day, from 09:30 in the morning until late in the evening.

What to Eat

Traditional Sudanese cuisine is not in the least bit fancy. Dishes may vary from one region to another, but the main dining staple remains the same, wherever you happen to be. All over the country, Sudanese people cook up a special sort of bread known as 'kissra'. Stews are also often accompanied by 'asseeda', a porridge made from wheat flour, or sometimes corn.

Stews in Sudan are usually meat-based. Other ingredients that may be thrown into the cooking pot are peanut butter, milk and yoghurt, potatoes and onions. Soup is also an important part of the Sudanese diet. The most popular sort of soup is 'kawari', which is made from cow or sheep hooves. Traditional dishes are often supplemented by locally abundant ingredients, including fish in areas close to the coast and lakes.

Where to Eat

Many of the larger hotels in Khartoum have their own onsite dining establishments. Diners at the Corinthia Hotel can choose from a range of restaurants and cafes serving everything from cakes and pastries, to steaks and international dishes. Its Rickshaw eatery lays claim to being the highest restaurant in the city. The Ivory Club at the Coral International features both international and local cuisine on its menus.

For those dining out on more of a budget, or who fancy a few home comforts, Khartoum has plenty of options, from pizza and Asian food restaurants to those that serve such Western fast-food classics as burgers and fries.

In the heat of the day, many visitors to Sudan's capital city choose to retreat into one of the many ice cream parlours in Khartoum. Some offer a take-away service only, whilst others sit alongside a restaurant service. Likewise, as the sun sets, it makes perfect sense to head to Khartoum's cafe-lined Nile Avenue.

Outside of Khartoum, every city and town in Sudan - sometimes even large villages - can offer at least one place to dine out. In addition, roadside cafes offer visitors a chance to taste traditional Sudanese food and hospitality. Usually frequented by people travelling on coaches or by lorry drivers, it is possible to buy food all day long, from breakfast and lunch right through to supper. Don't expect anything too fancy, though.