Attractions Nearby Sudan, Day Trips and Excursions

(Sudan, SD, North-East Africa)

The north African country of Sudan has no shortage of close neighbours, meaning that those with time on their hands may like to plan excursions and visit distant attractions. To the west lie the Central African Republic, Chad and Libya, although none of these three countries are really suitable for possible day trips, being more suited to those desiring a real, down-to-earth African experience.

In the east is the Red Sea coast, Eritrea and Ethiopia, while to the north is Egypt, which is world-famous for its spectacular ancient monuments and pyramids. Aswan is the closest Egyptian destination of note and today this historic market city operates as something of a bustling tourist centre, with many of the most notable attractions in Aswan lining the River Nile, such as the Tombs of the Nobles.

The country's recently created southern border divides it from its new neighbour, South Sudan. The political situation in both of these countries remains somewhat unstable to say the least and therefore, it is certainly worth keeping an eye on the current state of affairs before making any firm travel plans.

South Sudan

South Sudan split from Sudan in July 2011, following years of political unrest. The newly created South Sudan is still underdeveloped as a tourist destination. Visitors to Juba, currently the capital of the country, will find that this city has a few sights worth seeing. However, it is the country's wildlife and expansive countryside that visitors will find most fascinating. South Sudan has several national parks and can boast one of the world's largest animal migrations. The most popular parks include Bandingilo and Boma.


Although Ethiopia isn't an obvious choice for tourists, the country has many merits. As well as being a good place to sample authentic African life, Ethiopia boasts an impressive array of geological features, such as the spectacular Blue Nile waterfalls. Attractions in the capital, Addis Ababa, include St. George Cathedral.


Eritrea is another of Africa's undiscovered destinations, which is perhaps why visitors may feel that, when they step off the plane, they are stepping back in time. Attractions include its Red Sea coast and the capital, Asmara, which has a distinctly Italian flavour. Sights in Asmara include its National Museum, opera house, central market, Great Mosque and cathedrals.


Only a very small number of tourists consider spending their holidays in Chad. Facilities are few and far between, to say the least. That said, a boat trip on Lake Chad is well worth considering, as is a trip to the Zakouma National Park. Chad's capital, N'Djamena has a lively central market, as well as interesting colonial houses, several mosques and a national museum.

Central African Republic

The extreme south-western corner of Sudan borders onto the Central African Republic. Tourism in this politically troubled country is distinctly underdeveloped. Large areas of the Central African Republic are, in fact, deemed to be off-limits to overseas visitors. When the political situation allows, places to visit include the spectacular Chutes de Boali and the untouched wilderness of the Dzana-Sangha National Park.


Libya boasts a coastline measuring in at some 2,000 km / 1,240 miles, numerous ancient monuments and vast expanses of spectacular desert. Nonetheless, tourism here is practically non-existent because of the political events of the past few years. As the country gains in post-conflict confidence, however, tourist destinations in Libya should become more popular. Highlights include the Roman city of Leptis Magna and desert safaris.


Egypt has been attracting tourists for years. It is only in recent days, however, that political unrest has led to dwindling visitor numbers. Those who do make the trip to this North African country come to see its ancient monuments and attractions, browse its venerable museums, cruise on the River Nile, or simply enjoy a sun-drenched holiday in one of its Red Sea resorts. Cairo, Egypt's capital, is famous for Old Cairo, a district of the city that is renowned for its narrow alleyways, mosques and Coptic churches. The Egyptian Museum is also worth a visit, as are the nearby Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, and the Cairo Tower, which offers great views over the city.