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Named the Republic of the Sudan, this huge country has witnessed a great deal of change in recent years, being split into two separate nations (north and south) in the summer of 2011. Before the divide, this was actually the biggest country in the whole of Africa, and even now, it still manages to comfortably rank as number three, in terms of overall size.

Sudan belongs to a number of intergovernmental organisations, such as the African Union and the United Nations, and now operates as a fully independent country, with the city of Khartoum at its helm as the capital. However, when it comes to visiting, it will soon become apparent that the country isn't really geared towards tourism, as yet, with travel visas often being somewhat difficult to obtain. It is also worth noting that travel around some parts of Sudan, such as its borders, is not recommended, for safety reasons.

Visitors frequently choose to spend time in Khartoum, where many of the principal distractions reside, such as the country's National Museum and Nile Street, which is edged on one side by the Blue Nile River. Also to be found in Khartoum is the Souq Omdurman, and this bustling souq is now amongst Africa's largest and busiest markets. Port Sudan is another popular city and features a lengthy boardwalk overlooking the harbourfront. Most people choose to hire taxi rickshaws to travel the short distances between the places of interest around Port Sudan, while others come here for the superb scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities alone.

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Corinthia Hotel Khartoum - Nile Road, Khartoum, 11042.

5M Hotel - 55th Avenue East, Khartoum.

Bougainvilla Guesthouse - House 339, Block 21, Khartoum.

Coral Port Sudan - University Street, Port Sudan.

Sudan Red Sea Resort (SRSR) - Airport Road, Port Sudan.