Zanzibar Maps and Orientation

(Zanzibar, Tanzania, TZ, East Africa)

Regarded as being a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, Zanzibar resides on the eastern shore of Africa. This archipelago lies within the Indian Ocean, being between 25 km / 16 miles and 50 km / 31 miles from mainland Tanzania.

The archipelago of Zanzibar comprises a series of islands, the majority of which are relatively small and insignificant. Unguja and Pemba are the two largest and most notable islands here, with Unguja being regarded as the principal island and often referred to as 'Zanzibar'. It is here where you will find Zanzibar Town and its historical heart, Stone Town, which proudly boasts the title of World Heritage Site.

Unguja and Pemba are known for their thriving spice industries, together with Mafia Island, and these three islands combine to make up the Tanzanian Spice Islands.

Maps and Orientation of the Country

Apart from Zanzibar Town, other important destinations on Unguja include those of Chaani, Chwaka, Jambiani, Kendwa, Kilombero, Mangapwani, Matemwe, Mbweni, Nungwi, Paje and Uroa Village. On the island of Pemba, Chake Chake is the main town, followed by Mkoani and Wete.

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