Augusta Tourist Information and Tourism

(Augusta, Georgia - GA, USA)

Augusta is famous throughout the world for its major attraction, the Masters golfing tournament, which is held each year, attracting thousands of visitors to the Augusta area. The city of Augusta is the second largest in the state of Georgia (GA) and Augusta is home to many notable historic buildings.

Walking tours are particularly popular with tourists visiting Augusta and offer a range of interesting city information. Augusta's scenic Riverwalk alongside the scenic Savannah River is a real favorite, passing many interesting museums, shopping areas and restaurants en route.

Tourism has long been a major part of the economy in the Augusta area and is actively promoted. Augusta's main tourist information center can be found along Eighth Street, in the eye-catching 1886 Historic Cotton Exchange Building. Here you will find in-depth information about all of the main tourist attractions in the Augusta area, together with useful maps, travel information, leaflets, tourism and accommodation advice, and information about popular walking tours.

Accommodation in Augusta is plentiful, although during major events, such as the Masters golfing tournament, Augusta hotels quickly become completely booked. Many affordable hotels can be found around the strip along Washington Road, near to Artist's Row, the Summerville district, the city's Riverwalk and close to Augusta Regional Airport (AGS). More information about Augusta Hotels.

Augusta's best tourist attractions include the Masters - one of the world's greatest golfing tournaments, held each year in April; Augusta Canal National Heritage Area - an industrial power canal still in use today, offering a variety of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, fishing and cycling; Fort Discovery - with fascinating hands-on exhibits, a portable planetarium and numerous displays; and the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame and Botanical Gardens - with beautiful gardens and profiles on Georgia's famous golfers. More information about Augusta Tourist Attractions.

Some of the best museums and art galleries in Augusta include Historic Cotton Exchange Welcome Center and Museum - an important red-brick building housing some important historic information about the Augusta area; the Morris Museum of Art - housing numerous displays of Southern arts and artists; the Laurel and Hardy Museum - situated in nearby Harlem close to Augusta, featuring a large display of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy information and memorabilia; and the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History - originally the home of the first black Augusta kindergarten and featuring many fascinating exhibits and documents. More information about Augusta Museums and Art Galleries.

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