Buenos Aires Events, Things to Do and Festivals

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

River Plate Stadium pictureHolidays in Buenos Aires can be all the more interesting if scheduled to coincide with one of the city's lively festivals. All Argentine national and traditional religious holidays are celebrated in the city with tremendous enthusiasm, but it's those events and things to do that are unique to the city of Buenos Aires that are really worth trying to catch.

That ever-popular Latin musical genre known as tango makes numerous appearances in the city's events calendar and it's these tango celebrations that are arguably the liveliest and most interesting for visitors holidaying in Buenos Aires. If you enjoy dancing, don't miss the almost legendary tango festival in February.

Buenos Aires Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • New Years Day - January 1st, typically, Buenos Aires locals sleep off the excesses of the previous night before getting together for dining with friends and family
  • Feast of the Epiphany - celebrating the arrival of the Maji at the birthplace of Jesus, this festival takes place on January 6th and sees locals get together with family for the exchanging of gifts, drinking and dining


  • Buenos Aires Tango Festival - occurring late in the month of February and running into March, this event sees some 100 performances by over 150 dancers and musicians


  • Holy Week - sometimes falling in April depending on the Gregorian calendar, Holy Week sees locals head to churches across the city for various religious services
  • Easter Sunday - the climax of Holy Week is celebrated enthusiastically. After morning Mass, locals enjoy feasting among friends and family


  • International Festival of Independent Cinema - this annual affair showcases independent movie productions from directors from across the globe
  • Buenos Aires Book Festival - book enthusiasts head to the La Rural Exhibition Complex each April, for three weeks of literary related events


  • Feria de Galerias de Arte - held at the Predio Ferial de Palermo every May, this event is an annual showcase of the talents of painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers and videographers


  • Anniversary of Carlos Gardel's Death - for a week in June, locals celebrate the life of Carlos Gardel with tango displays at various venues


  • International Video-Dance Festival - held at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre during July, this performing arts event has been a regular feature since 1991


  • Dia de San Martin - celebrated across the country on August 17th, this public holiday is a tribute to José de San Martin, the country's famous liberator


  • Buenos Aires International Festival - this biennial event is staged at a number of venues across the city during September. It's a cultural event comprising performances from artists by across the globe


  • World Tango Festival - venues across the city host performances by orchestras, singers and dancers, with some famous names included on the billing
  • Festival of Guitars of the World - individuals from the world of guitar playing come to the city each October to showcase their talents


  • Buenos Aires Gay Parade - this annual November parade is conducted in memory of the establishment of the city's first gay group back in 1969. It's a colourful affair that starts off at Plaza de Mayo and concludes at Avenida de Mayo


  • International Tango Festival - yet another tango-related event, this one falls in the first week of December and is a major celebration of all things related to the musical genre