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Re. Scenic Walks
You can also get a boat back to the town and we really enjoyed the trip along the river away from the traffic.
Posted on 10/2/2012 by Dana Fisher

Scenic walks
We started at the West train station and walked next to the Aare River until we reached Neuhaus Nature reserve. The reserve was peaceful and we spotted many birds inside. Afterwards we rested at Lake Thun before taking a bus back to our hotel. The walk was not very strenuous and it took us about 3 hours but we stopped a lot along the way to take photographs.
Posted on 09/2/2012 by Sandra Reynolds

Adventure Activities
We love adventure sports and are always looking for the next adrenaline rush on our holidays. We were not disappointed in Interlaken and on the first day we went bungee jumping. After that we went canyoning and river rafting. There wasn't enough time for everything but other activities included rock climbing and hang gliding. There are many good adventure agencies to choose from on the main street.
Posted on 18/8/2011 by Dean Harrison

Lake Thun
Summer is the perfect time to spend the day at Lake Thun. I went swimming there while my husband took a sailing class. I was impressed by the facilities which included clean changing rooms and showers. Afterwards we had lunch at the restaurant and the service was good.
Posted on 09/1/2010 by Allison Boyd

Mountain biking adventures
We hired mountain bikes and went exploring. We cycled all the way to Lauterbrunnen for lunch and walked around the shops there. The trip took us the whole day with around 5 hours of cycling.
Posted on 22/12/2009 by Laura Masson