Interlaken Restaurants and Dining

(Interlaken, Berne, Switzerland)

Image of popular local eateryConsidering that Interlaken is a relatively small town, it does contain a large selection of restaurants and eateries, which cater for the steady seasonal influx of tourists. Various dining options are available to meet different tastes, with traditional Swiss restaurants in Interlaken being rather overshadowed by those catering for tourists, serving Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican and even Thai dishes, on streets such as the Hoheweg, the Marktgasse and the Postgasse.

Switzerland has become very famous for its tasty cheeses and there are plenty of opportunities in Interlaken for you to enjoy Emmental and Gruyèr, amongst others. The town's restaurants and cafes often feature fun cheese fondues, or serve past-melted 'Raclette' cheese, often heated by hot plates or table-top grills.

Picnic table picture, showing surrounding scenery

Where to Eat

If you take a stroll along the shopping street of Hoheweg, then you can be sure to pass a number of dining opportunities along the way.

It is on the Hoheweg that you will find the Hooters Bar and Restaurant, which remains the only Hooters in the whole of Switzerland.

The Bahnhofstrasse, on the western side of the Hoheweg, contains a selection of dining venues and fast-food restaurants, including a large McDonalds, a firm favourite with backpackers.

Photo of cafe, with glorious mountain panoramasClose by, the Bebbis Restaurant on the Bahnhofstrasse is a good place to sample a cheese fondue in Interlaken, while the neighbouring Pizpaz is amongst the town's better pizzerias.

For Mexican food, consider the El Azteca on the Jungfraustrasse, where you will even find a selection of authentic Mexican beers.