Interlaken Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

(Interlaken, Berne, Switzerland)

Photo of cruise boatThe tourist attractions of Interlaken are seasonal to say the least, with recreational activities and extreme adventure sports all being led by the weather. During the summer, tourists holidaying in Interlaken are able to enjoy many recreational attractions around the town and surrounding mountain resorts all over the Swiss Alps, ranging from hiking to mountain biking.

However, it is during the winter months that Interlaken and the whole of the Jungfrau region really comes into its own, being transformed into a major winter resort, with endless skiing resorts all around. The heavy snowfalls create nothing short of a white winter wonderland, just waiting to be explore by ski, snowboard or sledge.

Photo taken on the Funicular Railway (Cog-Wheel)

Funicular Railway / Cog-Wheel Railway

Both the funicular and cog-wheel railways offers a very pleasant way to sightsee, with some wonderful views as you travel. The funicular railway is very steep and heads up the Harder Kulm Mountain, where birds-eye views of the Jungfrau region and a mountain restaurant and the main attractions. The Schynige Platte Railway (Schynige Platte Bahn) links the neighbouring town of Wilderwil with the beautiful Alpine garden atop the Schynige Platte plateau. This short cog-wheel railway is epecially scenic and the Alpine gardens themselves are home to both than 500 different kinds of flora.
Open hours: daily, May to October (Funicular Railway), late May to late November (Cog-Wheel Railway), seasonal varitions
Admission: charge

Summer photo of Lake Brienz

Summer Sports

The choice of summer sports and recreational attractions around Interlaken is what attracts such a large number of backpackers between June and September. If you are a lovely of the great outdoors and adventure sports, then you may find that your itinerary quickly becomes cram-packed. Choices include:

Open hours: hours vary
Admission: charge

Ski lift picture in the winter

Winter Sports

Surrounded by so many exceptional mountain resorts, as soon as the snow begins to fall, the winter resorts surrounding Interlaken draw literally thousands each year, who come here to ski, snowboard and more. Even if winter sport attractions aren't necessarily your thing, the snow-covered winter scenery is simply awesome. Popular winter sports around Interlaken include: