Sicily Maps and Orientation

(Sicily, Italy)

Aerial photo showing Cefalu's cathedralSicily lies off the toe of the 'boot' of the Italian mainland, opposite North Africa, and is a land of high mountains, rugged coastlines and bustling cities. It is a good 300 km / 185 miles across, is surrounded by smaller islands and forms a major chunk out of Italy's 20 regions.

The Strait of Messina separate the island from Calabria, and although the northern region looks similar, Sicily is almost like another country. Detailed maps are available from outlets in Messina, the first major town you come to from the ferry.

Maps and Orientation of the Island

The island is mostly mountainous, with the loftiest terrain in the east the home of Mount Etna. Coastal areas are predominantly rugged, while flat plains are found in the west and south-east. Major roads and rail routes go between the main centres.

Sicily's main cities of Palermo, Catania, Syracuse and Messina are rambling and tough to negotiate by car. However, they have more compact centres which hold most of the sights, making getting about on foot with a map easier. If you can't get a Sicily map online, simply visit the tourist information outlets in any town.

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