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Re. Great religious site
I'm judging from the date you posted your comment that you visited Ipoh sometime in early 2010? Well the turtle pond is back now, as is the koi pond. They both were when I visited later on in the year anyway!
Posted on 1/2/2011 by Barry H.

Re. A little gem relatively unknown
I noticed how you didn't mention whether or not you took a tour? I would definitely advise it for next time if you didn't as I have been both alone and with a tour group but got a lot of secret information by doing the latter.
Posted on 31/1/2011 by B. Smith

A little gem relatively unknown
I decided to head to the caverns named Gua Tempurong during my time in Ipoh and enjoyed the experience. The attraction wasn't at all busy and I was able to walk around in the small caverns without feeling too claustrophobic. Took some great photos too!
Posted on 30/1/2011 by S Weiland

Great religious site
It didn't take long for me to learn that Ipoh has caves a plenty and, after enjoying Gua Tempurong so much, I signed up for a trip to the Cave Temples straight away. This is a unique attraction and I have never seen anything quite like it with caves that were a part of caverns only or had been transformed into temples. It's a shame that there was no turtle pond as promised.
Posted on 10/2/2010 by B Dashwood

A break from caves and temples
After the children were so well behaved at Gua Tempurong and the Cave Temples, we decided to reward them with a trip to the Lost World. No, this isn't some amusement park based on the Jurassic Park sequel but is instead full of water and slides that provide great family fun.
Posted on 22/8/2009 by L Lopez