Botswana Shopping and Districts

(Botswana, BW, Southern Africa)

Photo of The Main Mall in GaboroneWhen it comes to shopping in Botswana, the stars of the show are definitely the malls at Gaborone. From the older Main Mall to the more modern Games Mall, visitors to Gaborone are sure never be too far from an opportunity to shop, whether shopping for locally made crafts or daily grocery supplies.

Outside of Gaborone, souvenir hunters will certainly not be disappointed either. In Botswana's many towns and villages, traditional craft workshops abound. These sell everything from traditional woodcarvings and handcrafted jewellery, to basket work and textiles.

Different picture of The Main Mall in Gaborone

When to Shop and Opening Hours

In general, shops in Botswana open between 08:00 and 18:00 during the week and from 08:30 to 13:00 on Saturday. Shops are usually closed on Sunday and some smaller shops may close for an hour or two at lunchtime.

Where to Shop

Gaborone is not only the capital city, but is widely considered to be the shopping capital in Botswana. The Main Mall is a lively place located at the centre of the city. This popular complex is home to a variety of shops, including those that sell local crafted goods.

Further view of Gaborone's Main MallThe Main Mall is one of the oldest of Gaborone's shopping centres, while the African Mall, located nearby the Main Mall, is of a similar vintage and is also popular. Here, it is possible to buy everything from a loaf of bread to printed traditional Botswana fabrics.

Of the newer malls in Gaborone, Game City can claim to be the largest and certainly its busiest. Located on the edge of the city, the mall bears the same name as its largest store and houses grocery shops, a cinema and department stores.

Image showing traditional African marketRiverwalk Mall combines shopping and dining out, with more than ten food outlets, including restaurants and cafes. In the southern part of Gaborone is the Fairground Shopping Mall, which houses some well-known clothing shops.

In other areas of Botswana, such as Francistown, Maun and Kasana, there are also many craft and gift shops, as well as a few shopping centres or malls. Botswana's smaller towns and villages may have less choice, but they are nevertheless worth a look if you are hunting for something special. Goods on offer include increasingly popular bush-men crafts, leatherwear, bone-carvings and woodcarvings, woven items, pottery, jewellery and basketry.