Botswana Restaurants and Dining

(Botswana, BW, Southern Africa)

Photo taken at the Chobe LodgeInternational cuisine and reliable restaurants can be found in most tourist destinations throughout Botswana. In particular, diners are especially well-catered for in the capital city of Gaborone.

Hotel restaurants and bars are generally good places for dining out, as are safari lodges in Botswana, which are used to catering for large numbers of visiting tourists.

If you prefer to sample more traditional dishes, then it is worth heading off the tourist trail, to one of Botswana's local eateries. Of note, most restaurants and similar dining establishments here tend to stay open all day, from 10:30 to 23:00, from Monday through to Saturday.

Further image of table set for dinner at Chobe Lodge

What to Eat

Botswana is home to a wide variety of traditional cuisines. These vary, depending on local geography and ethnic group.

'Bogobe' is a popular dish that is usually made from sorghum (a type of local grain), but may also be made from maize or millet. It is mostly served at breakfast, closely resembling porridge. However, it may also appear on the lunch or evening, with a texture that is not far from mashed potatoes. A meat or tomato-based relish usually accompanies bogobe. Snack food includes 'dikuku', made from dough that has been deep fried.

Picture of Terrace Restaurant at Chobe LodgeBeef and goat meat feature on many traditional menus at local African restaurants. Other specialities of Botswana include 'morama' beans and tubers, Kalahari truffles, and 'mopane', which are worms served either boiled or deep fried.

Many dishes are made up of pulses, including 'letlhodi' (china beans) and 'ditloo' (jugo beans). Wild spinach, known as 'morogo', is also traditionally served.

Waterfront photo showing dining table at Chobe Lodge

Where to Eat

When it comes to dining establishments in Gaborone, there's no shortage of choice. At midday, visitors can opt to head out for a lazy lunch in one of the city's restaurants. Alternatively, there are plenty of opportunities to grab a snack, such as fried chicken or pizza, at a fast-food outlet in one of the city's malls.

In the evening, Gaborone is a lively place, with a number of restaurants offering cosmopolitan cuisine and fine dining, including Indian and Italian dishes. Several bars and pubs also serve pub-style meals.

Outside of Gaborone, most of Botswana's towns can boast a handful of restaurants and eateries. Popular tourist haunts, such as Maun, offer an even better selection, with everything from tea and cakes to substantial bar meals and trendy restaurant food on offer.