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Malawi rural scene of locals carrying water

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Re: I heart Malawi
Wise words, Tracey. I had heard all the hype before and was a bit discouraged, thinking that there were surely better options. But really Malawi is my favourite south east Africa location. The Lake is the big seller though, isn't it? Stunning and spectacular I still dream of this body of water to this day.
Posted on 15/3/2011 by Sarah

I heart Malawi
I feel in love with Africa on my first trip there 10 years ago. It is Malawi that captured my heart though; with its stunning scenery that only compliments the friendly locals and the ease of getting around that makes for adventures all the time. I will be returning.
Posted on 13/5/2011 by Tracey

Liwonde National Park
Head to Liwonde National Park for a traditional African wildlife park. On the west side of the Shire river you can see all your favorite African heroes; the Elephant, the hippo and the Zebra to name but a few.
Posted on 17/4/2011 by Zazi

Rare Rhinos!
Within the national park in Malawi you can see all your favourite animals, but the highlight for me was the separate enclosure that holds black rhinos. A magical experience for any animal lover.
Posted on 22/4/2011 by Dave

Mount Mulanje
Mt Mulanje juts out of the African plains with such vigor; its near vertical cliffs reaching 1000m, giving a feeling of supremacy that it is almost overwhelming. If you plan on hiking, take note of the unpredictable weather. I suggest spending a few days here to really take in the lavish environment of such a gorgeous Mountain.
Posted on 27/4/2011 by Davey