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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
I was in Cuba (Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Vinales, Pinar del Rio Sorora Feb 1-13, 2013.
Good - weather, nature, architechture.
Bad - food, shopping.
Ugly - poverty, diesal fumes.
Posted on 5/11/2013 by Peter Talbot

Re. The land that time forgot
You might also wish to visit the Old Square. Don't be put off by its name in Spanish, which literally translates as 'New Square' as this is the title that was given to it shortly after being unveiled!
Posted on 28/12/2011 by Georgie N.

The land that time forgot
I was interested in Old Havana the most compared to other parts of the Cuban capital and I hope it never changes. The guide I had said that things have stayed the same as they were in the late 1950s with old buildings, cars, and other items from that era. Time has stopped here and anyone with an interest in Cuban history should head here. Also a great scenic walking area.
Posted on 24/12/2011 by Phil Bright

Re. The finest collections of Cuban art
I don't think you would have been overcharged. Did you notice that there were two buildings? It's 8 CUC to visit both and 5 CUC to visit just one of them.
Posted on 15/3/2010 by Sisi

The finest collections of Cuban art
Even though I'm not particularly a fan of art or museums, I loved the National Museum of Beautiful Arts of Cuba. There were a lot of new pieces but I particularly enjoyed the glimpse at colonial Cuba that was offered by some of the older work. Not sure if I was overcharged for entrance though.
Posted on 10/3/2010 by P Mitchell

The home of a genius
We are literature lovers, so the visit to Ernest Hemingway was a must for us. It's known as the Fincia Vigia if you're going to ask the locals or a taxi driver about it and this is where some of the best novels and novellas of all time were penned. Just wish we could have gone inside!
Posted on 20/12/2009 by Katy Haverty