Berne Shopping and Districts

(Berne, Switzerland)

Picture of the central shopping districtMany different shopping opportunities present themselves around central Berne, with most opening Monday through Saturday, until as late as 20:00, and remaining closed each Sunday. However, some shops do choose not to open on Monday mornings. Berne is known for its endless covered shopping arcades, which stretch for some 6 km / 4 miles and offer more than you could every possibly need, so don't worry if you choose to pack light.

These arcades arguably offer some of the best shopping in the whole of Europe and provide the perfect way to spend and afternoon, regardless of the weather. When shopping in Berne, look out for the fine lacework, regional beer and sumptuous Swiss chocolates, especially Toblerones, which actually originated here.

Further photo of the central shopping district

Where to Shop

Every day during the summer months, and on Tuesdays and Saturdays outside of this period, the Bärenplatz hosts a large market, where you will find an array of local produce and flowers. There are also further opportunities to be found each Tuesday and Sunday at Berne's general market, on the Waisenhausplatz, and again on Saturday, with a large craft market taking place outside of Berne Cathedral.

The many shopping arcades in Berne can be found clustered around the Aarbergergasse, the Gerechtigkeitsgasse, the Kramgasse and the Münstergasse. There is also a good selection of shops lining the Old Town's Marktgasse and Spitalgasse, the latter of which is home to two of Berne's most notable department stores, Globus and Loeb.