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The Bear Pits of Berne
Berne has been famous for its bear pits for years and years. We had a look at the pit near the Nydegg Bridge. It was OK I guess, but I didn;'t really think that people should be allowed to feed them, as they didn't really seem to have any natural bear instincts any more and looked a bit fat to me.
Posted on 15/1/2007 by Lyndsey Taylor

River Aare - it makes the city special
The River Aare really does make Berne a very beautiful city and it is very fast flowing. You can't go swimming in it because the current really is a bit too strong for that usually, so people like to have raft races every now and again, or simply float along. The stretch of the river between the Dalholzli and the pools is particularly pleasant. Look out for people floating along it around the Marzili area and also the Eicholtz area as well.
Posted on 16/11/2007 by Chase Cole

Bundesplatz Fountain
The Bundesplatz has recently been renovated and the city has now installed a very grand looking fountain here. There are lots of different water jets, 26 in fact. Each one represents one of Switzerland's cantons. Lots of children enjoy playing around the fountain on sunny days, although they do usually get quite wet. I really wanted to join in but I had to keep telling myself that I am a 'grown-up'!
Posted on 29/10/2007 by Dominic Green

Views of the River Aare
If you have brought your camera to Berne you will find yoursel inexplicably drawn to the River Aare. It is so incredibly photogenic and there are lots of nice vantage points high up around the city. There are some pretty bridges and I even saw a few brave people trying to swim in it on one day, but it was moving a bit too fast for me!
Posted on 5/7/2007 by Ellen Kirkman

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